Things to do in New Zealand

1. Cape Reinga/Ninety Mile Beach: Day bus trip. You can drive your car up to Cape Reinga, but it is not recommended that you drive back on Ninety-Mile Beach as the bus tour does.


2. KeriKeri: 50 minute drive south on Highway 10. Kemp House and old Stone Store. Lunch at Tearooms opposite. Good fruit etands along the main road.


3. Bay of lslands: One hour drive south on Highway 10. Cream Cruise/Waitangi Treaty House. Most tours can be booked at Fullers Booking Office, Mangonui Stationery (on the waterfront In Mangonui).


4. Horse Riding on Ninety-Mlle Beach: Waitaha Horse Trails on Roma Road, Ahipara.


5. Dining: Mangonui Pub offers good food after 6 PM. Old Oak Inn, just past the Pub specializes In seafood. BYOB. Excellent lunches at Café Nina on the waterfront in Mangonui. Home made soup and good ham rolls.


6. Shopping: 4-Square Market In Mangonui or Coopers Beach for groceries. Fruits and veggies at the shop just past petrol station in Mangonui. Pak and Save in Kaitaia.


7. Mail: Stamps and mail purchased/received at the Post Office located in the 4-Square Market in Mangonui. For those receiving mail: Your Name, General Delivery, Mangonui, Northland, and New Zealand.


8. Drives: Taupo Bay, a few kilometers south of Mangonui, Matai Bay, on the KariKari Peninsula. Beautiful beaches good for picnics and safe for swimming.


9. Crafts: Craft shop in Mangonui near the wharf.


10. Glow-worm Nocturnal Park: Turn off is at Taipa, take a picnic and wait for dark, then view the glow-worms and Kiwi birds.


11. Surfing: Taupo Bay, just south of Mangonui, pretty spot, best on Easterly swells with west winds. Shipwrecks/Ninety-Mlle Beach, drive 30 minutes through Ahipara, which is the south end of Ninety-Mile Beach. Shipwrecks is the first point. If that is not breaking, drive around the rocks (can be a bit rough the first 100 meters). Beautiful stretches of beach and world class waves.


12. Canoes/Dinghies/Windsurfers/Kayaks: Aquapulse Surf Shop in Kaitaia.


13. Fishing: At Mangonui Pier (or) Deep Sea Fishing, boats leave from Mangonui: "Leilani" or "Happy Hooker." There are also more fishing opportunities in the Bay of lslands.


14. Walks: Rangikapiti Maori Pa, just behind house, beautiful 360-degree view of the area. Coopers Beach, just below the house. Mangonui Harbour, walk to end of Rangikapiti Road and down track.

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